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Jeff Morris, CEO of DreamSmart Academy Takes an Inspirational Journey to the Top of the Mountain.

Two DreamSmart Academy students take an inspirational journey the top of the mountain in San Marcos CA. Here’s what they learned:

Welcome to the DreamSmart Academy,

DreamSmart Academy is the place where anyone can make their dreams and goals a reality. The DreamSmart Academy curriculum is not complicated; in fact, we have kept all our lessons very simple. Students/learners who master the concepts and strategies integrated into our courseware will find themselves consistently making their dreams and goals a reality. DreamSmart Academy’s curriculum emphasizes the alignment of our students/learner’s mind, body, soul, and finances. We call this alignment HarMone; as students/learners practice HarMone they will rid themselves of unproductive habits, self-defeating thoughts, harmful beliefs, and poor money management practices.

The DreamSmart Academy courseware is a blueprint to equip students/learners with the soft skills needed but often overlooked in a student’s/learner’s whole person development. The DreamSmart Academy courseware is architected using the latest information from the fields of neuroscience, human performance coaching, brain-based training, social sciences, and neuro-behavioral finance & wellness. Students/learners will be equipped with the DreamSmart Academy’s 7 Neuro-Habits of Peak Performance and 7 Keys to Peak Performance as they journey through the DreamSmart curriculum. The 7 Keys training develops the psycho-social and socio-emotional skills needed to be productive in the real world.

DreamSmart Academy’s 7 Keys to Peak Performance

Listen as CEO & Chief DreamMaker of DreamSmart Academy Shares His Inspirational Story, Shot & Left for Dead!

7 Neuro-habits of Peak Performers

The DreamMaker Process

Access to the course is by Invitation Only

Please contact Jeff Morris for access.

The 7 Neuro-habits of Peak Performance gives you a snapshot of the inspirational and life-changing lessons integrated into the DreamBig course. We have the designed each lesson to completed in just minutes a day. Take our “10 Minute a Day Challenge”, WE DARE YOU!

We made the enrollment in our course easy, but the time and commitment needed are real. Anyone who dares to accept the “10 Minute A Day Challenge” and complete the course in 7 days will begin to take control of their thoughts, master their emotions, boost their daily productivity, build successful relationships, live a values-based life, and align their financial life with their life’s values and purpose.  

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