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Do you desire to be counted among those who Spread A Little L.O.V.E. (Leadership, Organization, Vision, Empathy) by sharing your uniqueness, gifts, talents, and passion with the world? Become one of our One Million Dreamers. Our free course, The DreamMaker Process will get you started on the road to being the best of the best. Be counted among the ELITE at whatever you do. Become a Peak Performer!

The DreamSmart Academy is all about transforming lives and Peak Performance. Integrated into our curriculum is the DreamSmart Academy's 7 Key to Peak Performance.  Everyone can benefit from the inspirational and life changing lessons contained in our curriculum.

  • The DreamBig Course focuses on developing Peak Performance for individuals and for groups. The DreamBig curriculum energizes teams, improves workplace engagement, maximizes individual and group performance.
  • Businesses, schools, colleges, universities, athletic programs, reintegration programs, and families all benefit from the DreamSmart Academy’s Peak Performance curriculum. Our 7 Keys to Peak Performance and 7 Great Habits to Peak Performance are designed to keep people engaged, maximize their abilities, and rid themselves of harmful sub-conscious scripts that keep them from fulfilling their potential and living the life they dream of.
  • DreamBig content and the supporting curriculum has great benefits for Veterans needing to reintegrate into the civilian world and corporate environment. DreamSmart Academy's unique Behavioral Based Reintegration Program equips the former veteran and their corporate employer with a behavioral based roadmap that will help to ensure success in their new environments.   

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7 Neuro-habits of Peak Performers  

The DreamMaker Process

Access to the course is by Invitation Only

Please contact Jeff Morris for access.

 The DreamMaker Process gives you a snapshot into the inspirational and life changing lessons integrated into the DreamBig course. Take our "10 Minute a Day Challenge." We made the enrollment in our course easy, but the time and commitment needed are real. Anyone who dares to accept the challenge and complete the course in 7 days will find great benefit from the 7 Great Habits of Peak Performance integrated into the course. Complete the course and you will be on the road to being the BEST OF THE BEST, counted among the ELITE at whatever you do, a PEAK PERFORMER

The DreamMaker Process

Lesson 1. Introduction to The DreamBig! Course

Lesson 2. Commitment To Yourself

Lesson 3. Define Your Goals

Lesson 4. Create A Plan

Lesson 5. Take Action Daily

Lesson 6. Stay Focused On Your Dream

Lesson 7. Build Your Sum-Bodies